Newbiggin Sport Centre hosted the fourth North East Judo Grand Prix event of the year, at Newbiggin by the sea, Northumberland.
The forth event saw entries from 24 clubs around England and Scotland.


Category Name Club Result
Junior Boys u34 Evan Anderson Juno Michi Gold
Adam Arnold Destination JH Silver
William Fielding Sportif Red FIJ Bronze
patrick haughton Destination JH -
Junior Boys u38 Harrison Wood Parks Gold
Ethan Brown East Hartford & Fordley Silver
Jake Taylor Bushido  Bronze
Sean Clarke Bushido  -
Junior Boys u42 Kieran Beattie Lewis Middlesborough Gold
Samuel Simpson Destination JH Silver
Tom Common Butokokan Bronze
Lewis King Bushido  -
Junior Boys u46 Joshua Chrisp Juno Michi Gold
Spence Camish East Yorkshire Silver
Charlie Rhodes Sportif Red FIJ Bronze
Jay Coleman Butokokan -
Matthew Potts Bushido  -
Olly Hayes Parks -
William Compton Bushido  -
Junior Boys u55 Alex Beattie-Lewis Middlesborough Gold
aiden hope Thornaby Silver
Joshua Groggins Whitehaven Bronze
Junior Boys u66 Josh Robson Juno Michi Gold
Jake Beard Juno Michi Silver
Jack Barnett Bushido  Bronze
Junior Boys +66 JAKE MAIR SKK Gold
Leon Nicholson Kodokwai Silver
John Gussow Thornaby Bronze
Acey Bell Butokokan -
Junior Girls u32 Rosey Kett Thornaby Gold
Taylor Chrisp Juno Michi Silver
Eve Jones Destination IH Bronze
Martha Arnold Destination JH -
Junior Girls u36 Maia Thomson Sportif Gold
Ruby Reed Butokokan Silver
Mary Kett Thornaby Bronze
Ava Hindson Destination JH -
Anne Marie Kelly Bear Park -
Sarah Butler Destination JH -
Junior Girls u40 Scarlet Curtis Sportif Red FIJ Gold
Gracie Reed Butokokan Silver
Molly Gainford East Hartford & Fordley Bronze
Jocelyn Wilson Sportif Red FIJ Bronze
Rebeccca Malcolm Battlehill -
Eva Davidson Crawcrook -
Emily Watson Destination JH -
Leila Craig East Hartford & Fordley -
Gabriella Thain Seishin -
Abigail Collier Sportif Red FIJ -
Junior Girls u44 sadie hope Thornaby Gold
Katy Cameron Sportif Maroon PG Silver
Leona Einbeck Destination JH Bronze
Caitlin Jamieson East March -
Katie Carruthers Sportif Red FIJ -
Georgia Robinson Sportif Red FIJ -
Junior Girls u48 Sophie Mapplebeck Highland Budokan Gold
Emma Woolley Destination JH Silver
Alice Flanagan Destination IH Bronze
Megan Quinn Battlehill -
Junior Girls u52 Ellisha Tennison East Yorkshire Gold
Joanna Witowski Sportif Red FIJ Silver
Samanthan Garrod Seishin Bronze
Amelia Farrell Sportif Red FIJ -
Junior Girls u57 Wiktoria Tomera SKK Gold
Ellie Hutton Battlehill Silver
Mia Simpson Destination JH Bronze
Katie Fulton Seishin -
Junior Girls u63 Lucy Robinson Sportif Red FIJ Gold
Isabelle Drury Parks Silver
Poppy McElrue-Inch Destination JH Bronze
Junior Girls +63 Charlotte Kendall Battlehill Gold
Primary Boys u21 Max Devine Juno Michi Gold
Alex Fittes East Hartford & Fordley Silver
Suliman Ally East Hartford & Fordley Bronze
Harrison Johnson Battlehill -
Callum Dodds Thornaby -
Lucas Dawson Crawcrook -
Primary Boys u24 Tobey Harvey Sportif Red FIJ Gold
Collin Perez Bacup Silver
Alvin Gama Sportif Red FIJ Bronze
Jackson Findlay Sportif Red FIJ -
Zac Thain Butokokan -
Primary Boys u27 Ryan Mapplebeck Highland Budokan Gold
Andrew Perez Bacup Silver
William Tilbrook Sportif Red FIJ Silver
Dougal Gaude Sportif Red FIJ Bronze
Brayden white Sportif Red FIJ -
Zack Macintosh Sportif Red FIJ -
Thomas Watson Destination JH -
Alistair Scott East March -
Henry Drury Parks -
Murray Simmonds East March -
Primary Boys u30 Harry Oldfield Sportif Red FIJ Gold
William james Sportif Red FIJ Bronze
Lewis Clarke Sportif Red FIJ Bronze
Joseph Middleton Sportif Red FIJ -
Owen Jamieson East March -
Tony Beattie-Lewis Middlesborough -
Nathan Surrey Parks -
Charlie Duddridge Butokokan -
Primary Boys u34 Matthew Lane Parks Gold
James Kelly Bear Park Silver
Isaac Van Zwannenberg Parks Bronze
Luke Stonebank-coates Destination JH -
Ben Compton Bushido  -
Billy Simpson Destination JH -
Joseph Trewick East Hartford & Fordley -
Primary Boys u38 Korey russell Destination JH Gold
Giorgi Kokokashvilli Parks Silver
Alex Robson Juno Michi Bronze
Alfie Winter Sportif Red FIJ -
Nathan Collier  Sportif Red FIJ -
Primary Girls u22 Amelia Blazejewska Sportif Red FIJ Gold
Ameilia Winter Juno Michi Silver
Primary Girls u25 Maddison Kingsbury Sportif Red FIJ Gold
Ame Mckeown Thornaby Silver
Gracie Joe Parks Bronze
Primary Girls u28 Belle Kett Thornaby Gold
Ellie Mulligan Butokokan Silver
Neve Dodds Thornaby Bronze
willow Deighton Sportif Red FIJ -
Maddie forbes Seishin -
Primary Girls u32 Sarah Davison Sportif Red FIJ Gold
Leila Nevins Westgate Gold
Robyn Love Crawcrook Silver
Alisha Fawkes East Hartford & Fordley Bronze
Leila Davies Sportif Red FIJ -
Eloise Thompson Sportif Red FIJ -
Jessica Vanko East March -
Primary Girls u36 Georgina Love Crawcrook Silver
Abigail Harper Seishin Bronze
Chloe Gillie Sportif Red FIJ -
Sadie Robinson Sportif Red FIJ -
Primary Girls +36 Emme Simpson Destination JH Gold
Jasmin Thain Seishin Silver

Club Leaderboard

Club Gold Silver Bronze
Sportif Red FIJ 7 2 7
Juno Michi 4 3 1
Thornaby 3 2 3
Destination JH 2 3 3
Parks 2 2 2
Highland Budokan 2
Middlesborough 2
Battlehill 1 1
East Yorkshire 1 1
Westgate 1
Sportif 1
Butokokan 3 1
East Hartford & Fordley 2 3
Crawcrook 2
Bacup 2
Seishin 1 2
Bear Park 1
Kodokwai 1
Sportif Maroon PG 1
Bushido  2
Destination IH 2
Whitehaven 1
East March




Medal Winners


Competitors with Maximum Points


Clubs Attended

Contact Form

Mala Young - 07803 745 184

Duncan Stewart - 07718 049 290

John Chrisp - 07817 199 925

Andrew Douglass - 07921 295612

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