The fifth and final event of the year hosted at Benfield Sports Centre.
This event had 110 entries from 15 clubs around England and Scotland.


Category Name Club Result
Primary Boys u21 Jude Buchanan Sportif Blue JB Gold
Isaac Church Thornaby Silver
Max Devine Juno Michi Bronze
Alex Fittes East Hartford & Fordley -
Primary Boys u24 Kaleb Stephenson Juno Michi Gold
Barney Peel Westgate Silver
Kai Rodgers Rainbow Bronze
Harrison Craig East Hartford & Fordley -
Carlo Messner Parks -
Primary Boys u27 Max Beckford Butokokan Gold
Jacob Mclean Sportif Blue JB Silver
Tony Beattie-Lewis Middlesborough Silver
Hamish  Clark Sportif Blue JB Bronze
Holden Partington Parks -
Primary Boys u30 Shay Messner Parks Gold
Mathew Lane Parks Silver
Daniel  Borthwick Sportif Blue JB Bronze
Isaac Vanswanberg Parks -
Josh  Sweeten Sportif Blue JB -
Primary Boys u34 Harrison Wood  Parks Gold
Sean Maclees Sportif Blue JB Silver
Alex Robson Juno Michi Bronze
Daniel Best Destination IH -
Giorgi Kokokashvilli Parks -
Ethan McLeod East Hartford & Fordley -
Primary Boys +34 Jayden Rhucroft Rainbow Gold
Jay Coleman Butokokan Silver
Adam Beckford Butokokan Bronze
Michael Gallilee Rainbow Bronze
Primary Girls u25 Ellie Mulligan Butokokan Gold
Isabelle Rodgers Rainbow Silver
Ame Mckeown Thornaby Bronze
Primary Girls u28 Taylor Chrisp Juno Michi Gold
Anabel Kett Thornaby Silver
Lexi Buchanan Sportif Blue JB Bronze
Primary Girls u32 Rosey Kett Thornaby Gold
Leila Nevins Westgate Silver
Isabella Hussain Westgate Bronze
Primary Girls u36 Rachel Mclean Sportif Blue JB Gold
Leila Craig East Hartford & Fordley Silver
Primary Girls +36 Amy Hampton Kodokwai Gold
Megan Quinn Battlehill Silver
Junior Boys u30 Evan Anderson Kodokwai Gold
Luke Edwards Destination IH Silver
Joe Buchanan Sportif Blue JB Bronze
Junior Boys u38 Zac Stephenson Juno Michi Gold
Innes  Bennett Sportif Blue JB Silver
Brad Sweeten  Sportif Blue JB Bronze
Kieran Beattie Lewis Middlesborough -
Kyle Thompson Destination IH -
Luke Nevins Westgate -
Junior Boys u42 Joshua Chrisp Juno Michi Gold
Steven Rabet Sportif Blue JB Silver
Leland Cochrane Juno Michi Bronze
Mason Wile Juno Michi -
Charlie Johnson Battlehill -
Junior Boys u50 Alex Beattie-Lewis Middlesborough Gold
Reegan Black Sportif Blue JB Silver
aiden hope Thornaby Bronze
Junior Boys u55 Reece Hewick Destination IH Gold
Sam  Lynch Sportif Blue JB Silver
Hamish Gardiner Sportif Blue JB Bronze
Inver Petrie Sportif Blue JB -
Dougie  Fleming Sportif Blue JB -
Jason Routledge Westgate -
Jay Neesam Middlesborough -
Ethan Pringle Juno Michi -
Junior Boys u66 Josh Stoneman Battlehill Gold
George Brown Sportif Blue JB Silver
Riley  Scott Sportif Blue JB Bronze
Nathan Hewick Destination IH Bronze
Jake Beard Juno Michi Bronze
Junior Boys +66 Henry Clark Sportif Blue JB Gold
Ben  Fox-Kennedy Sportif Blue JB Silver
Ewan Squires Parks Bronze
Luke Anderson  Battlehill Bronze
Junior Girls u32 Eva  Ewing Sportif Blue JB Gold
Evie Church Thornaby Silver
Keira Pentolfe Battlehill Bronze
Angel Scott Sportif Blue JB Bronze
Rebecca Malcolm- Scott Battlehill -
Eve jones Destination IH -
Abigail Wigham Battlehill -
Katie Johnson Battlehill -
Anne Marie Kelly Destination IH -
Junior Girls u40 sadie hope Thornaby Gold
Jenni Francis Battlehill Silver
Leona Einbeck Destination IH Bronze
Mary Kett Thornaby Bronze
Junior Girls u44 Kenady Raine Gateshead Judo Gold
Jemma Smith Sportif Blue JB Silver
Emily Fisher Thornaby Bronze
Junior Girls u48 Mia Katib Haltemprice Gold
Josie Moore Kodokwai Silver
Junior Girls u57 Ellie Hutton Battlehill Gold
Michaela Sweeten Sportif Blue JB Silver
Heather  MacKenzie Sportif Blue JB Bronze
Junior Girls u63 Robyn Mackay Sportif Maroon PG Gold
Ella Wile Juno Michi Silver
Mia Key Butokokan Bronze
Junior Girls +63 Charlotte Kendal Battlehill Gold
Iona McPhilips Sportif Blue JB Silver

Club Leaderboard

Club Gold Silver Bronze
Sportif Blue JB 4 11 9
Juno Michi 4 1 4
Battlehill 3 2 2
Thornaby 2 3 4
Butokokan 2 1 2
Parks 2 1 1
Kodokwai 2 1
Rainbow 1 1 2
Destination IH 1 1 2
Middlesborough 1 1
Gateshead Judo 1
Sportif Maroon PG 1
Haltemprice 1
Westgate 2 1
East Hartford & Fordley 1




Medal Winners


Competitor with Maximum Points


Clubs Attended

Contact Form

Mala Young - 07803 745 184

Duncan Stewart - 07718 049 290

John Chrisp - 07817 199 925

Andrew Douglass - 07921 295612

Jason Anderson - 07980 063 813

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