East Hartford and Fordley Judo club hosted the third event of the North East Judo Grand Prix, at Blue Flames Sporting Club in Newcastle.
There will be five events held annually with all competitors ranked on an overall leader board.
Unlike all other Judo competitions the organisers have opened this event up to all Judo Associations ensuring that there are no barriers to entry and the best Judoka from the area are able to compete together.
The third event had over 150 competitors from taking part from 18 clubs around North Tyneside, South Tyneside and Northumberland.


Category Name Club Result
Primary Boys u21 Barney Peel Westgate Gold
Isaac Everett Kodokwai silver
Maynard Partington Parks Bronze
Saul Cook Seghill Bronze
Primary Boys u24 Cameron Lee Newburn Gold
Tony Beattie-Lewis Middlesborough silver
Kaleb Stephenson Destination DA Bronze
Carlos Messner Parks -
Holden Partington Parks -
Robbie Hampton Kodokwai -
Thomas Robinson Birch Destination DA -
Primary Boys u27 Evan Anderson Kodokwai Gold
Charlie Hutton Battlehill silver
Luke Edwards Destination BS Bronze
James Kelly Destination BS -
Joe Ramsey Parks -
Luke Chaffey Newburn -
Oliver Hunter FIJ -
Primary Boys u30 Harrison Wood Parks Gold
Rocco Dack Newburn silver
Aiden Makin Destination BS Bronze
William Armstrong Parks Bronze
Ashton Gradwell FIJ -
Ethan McLeod East Hartford & Fordley -
Samuel Cholmondelay Destination DA -
Shay Messner Parks -
Tom Common Butokokan -
Primary Boys u34 Logan hunter FIJ Gold
Leo innes South Shields silver
Mason Wile Juno Michi Bronze
Jack elliot Destination BS -
Oliver Robinson-Birch Destination DA -
Primary Boys u38 Kobe Moyse-Mukhtar Kodokwai Gold
Luke Nivens Westgate silver
Leland Cochrane Juno Michi Bronze
Frazer Ranns Destination BS -
Seb Ranns Destination BS -
Primary Boys +38 Leon Rodriguez-Oloff Destination BS Gold
Matthew Welch Butokokan silver
Andrew Duddridge Butokokan Bronze
Primary Girls u25 Evie Church Thornaby Gold
Freya Booth Newburn silver
Leila Nivens Westgate Bronze
Farrah Booth Newburn -
Elizabeth black FIJ -
Emily wright Kodokwai -
Primary Girls u28 Taylor Chrisp Juno Michi Gold
Anne Marie Kelly Destination BS silver
Keira Pentolfe  Seghill Bronze
Alesha Slater  Seghill -
Isabella Hussain Westgate -
Primary Girls u32 Shaylin Burn Battlehill Gold
Fallon Booth Newburn silver
Megan Thompson Kodokwai Bronze
Jessica Prince Destination DA -
Neomi Young Battlehill -
Primary Girls +32 Imogen Roeves South Shields Gold
Megan Quinn FIJ silver
Amy Hampton Kodokwai Bronze
Nemissa Holmes Bear Park -
Junior Boys u30 Lewis da Silva FIJ Gold
Zac Stephenson Destination DA silver
Harrison Wood Parks Bronze
Junior Boys u38 Travis Hutchinson FIJ Gold
Joshua Chrisp Juno Michi silver
Billy Webster FIJ Bronze
Alfie Brown Destination DA -
David Hall Westgate -
Jesse Holmes Bear Park -
Matthew Hall DJ Stockton (Phil Hornby) -
Junior Boys u42 Josh Robson Juno Michi Gold
Alex Beattie-Lewis Middlesborough silver
Joel Wilkinson Kodokwai Bronze
Daniel Dizyee Battlehill -
Ellis Brown Middlesborough -
Owen Hardaker Battlehill -
Sam Rhodes Dawber Destination DA -
William Stables FIJ -
Junior Boys u46 Mathew Lazenby FIJ Gold
Mathew Golightly FIJ silver
Harvey Abbott Brown Destination DA Bronze
Jake Beard Juno Michi Bronze
Aaron Stewart Parks -
George Boase DJ Stockton (Phil Hornby) -
Patrick McKoy Bear Park -
Owen Hardaker Battlehill -
Samuel Wilkinson Kodokwai -
Junior Boys u50 Lewis Hallam Kyu Shin Do Ryu Gold
Dalton short Kodokwai silver
Joe Flaherty Battlehill Bronze
Euan Jones Destination DA -
Junior Boys u55 Ryan May Parks Gold
Joe Bygate Kodokwai silver
Ben Smith Juno Michi Bronze
Andrew Hoyland DJ Stockton (Phil Hornby) -
Harvey Storey DJ Stockton (Phil Hornby) -
Yussef Gadema Seghill -
Junior Boys u60 Henry Stables FIJ Gold
Sean Young Battlehill silver
Josh Stoneman Battlehill Bronze
Scott Anderson   Battlehill -
Shane Gaskin Destination DA -
Junior Boys u73 Ben Van Denten Butokokan Gold
Cameron Harrop Destination DA silver
Joe Mulligan Thornaby Bronze
Acey Bell Butokokan -
Junior Boys +73 Joseph McNeill Middlesborough Gold
Leon Wood Destination DA silver
Shane Ellis East Hartford & Fordley Bronze
Junior Girls u32 Leona Einbeck FIJ Gold
Grace Wood Middlesborough silver
Molly Gainford East Hartford & Fordley Bronze
Junior Girls u36 Jade Readon FIJ Gold
Sadie Hope Thornaby silver
Kenady Raine Kyu Shin Do Ryu Bronze
Isobel Mannion DJ Stockton (Phil Hornby) -
Millie Arnold DJ Stockton (Phil Hornby) -
Mollie miller Kodokwai -
Eden Harrop Destination DA -
Olivia slater FIJ -
Junior Girls u40 Brooke Devine Thornaby Gold
Elisa Thompson FIJ silver
Emily Fisher Thornaby Bronze
Junior Girls u44 Madeline Merchant FIJ Gold
Chloe canning FIJ silver
Jasmin Dack Newburn Bronze
Charlotte Hallway South Shields -
Esther McNeill Middlesborough -
Jessica Basford DJ Stockton (Phil Hornby) -
Josie Moore Kodokwai -
Junior Girls u48 Ellie Hutton Battlehill Gold
Lytallia Dack Newburn silver
Eve Brown Middlesborough Bronze
Elen Williams DJ Stockton (Phil Hornby) -
Ella Wile Juno Michi -
Katie Walker Battlehill -
Lana Wells DJ Stockton (Phil Hornby) -
Junior Girls u52 Isobel Kitchen FIJ Gold
Kazia Simpson FIJ silver
Gemma Karim Destination DA Bronze
Junior Girls u57 Rebecca Butterfield Destination DA Gold
Mia Key Butokokan silver
Olivia Hope Thornaby Bronze
Jasmin Gadema Seghill -
Layla Howey Kodokwai -
Junior Girls u70 Charlotte Kendal FIJ Gold
Robyn Key Butokokan silver
Meghan Roeves South Shields Bronze
Junior Girls +70 Meghan Roeves South Shields Gold
Olivia wight Kodokwai silver
Sophie wight Kodokwai Bronze

Club Leaderboard

Club Gold Silver Bronze
FIJ 10 5 1
Kodokwai 2 4 4
Battlehill 2 2 2
Juno Michi 2 1 4
Thornaby 2 1 3
South Shields 2 1
Parks 2 2
Newburn 1 4 1
Destination DA 1 3 3
Butokokan 1 3 1
Middlesborough 1 3 1
Destination BS 1 1 2
Westgate 1 1 1
Kyu Shin Do Ryu 1 1
Seghill 2
East Hartford & Fordley 2
Bear Park
DJ Stockton (Phil Hornby)
Grand Total 29 29 30


  • 5 Feb
  • 0900 AM
  • 1st Apr
  • 0900 AM
  • 16th July
  • 0900 AM
  • 23rd Sept
  • 0900 AM
  • 29th Oct
  • 0900 AM




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