Battlehill Judo club played host to the first event of the newly established North East Judo Grand Prix, at Tyne Youth and Community Centre in Tynemouth.
There will be five events held annually with all competitors ranked on an overall leader board.
Unlike all other Judo competitions the organisers have opened this event up to all Judo Associations ensuring that there are no barriers to entry and the best Judoka from the area are able to compete together.
The first event was a great success with 152 competitors taking part from 16 clubs around North Tyneside, South Tyneside and Northumberland.


Category Name Club Result
Primary Boys u21 Kaleb Stephenson DJ Darlington Gold
Isaac Vanswanberg Parks silver
Robbie James Hampton Kodokwai Bronze
Primary Boys u24 Charlie Hutton Battlehill Gold
Cameron Lee Newburn silver
Oliver curry DJ Durham Bronze
Primary Boys u27 Evan Anderson Kodokwai Gold
tarnish kadarapur DJ Durham silver
Jayden Dancer Parks Bronze
Luke Edwards DJ Durham Bronze
Primary Boys u30 Jake Drummond Newburn Gold
Leo Innes South Shields silver
Ravi greilshield DJ Durham Bronze
Rocco Dack Newburn Bronze
Primary Boys u34 Kobe Moyse-Mukhtar Kodokwai Gold
Logan hunter DJ Durham silver
Elliot Johnson Terminus Bronze
Jay Coleman Butokokan Bronze
Primary Boys u38 Leon Rodrigues DJ Durham Gold
Jack Danielson Juno Michi silver
Andrew Duddridge Butokokan Bronze
Primary Boys +38 George White DJ Durham Gold
Ian McMorine Battlehill silver
Sammuel Wilkinson Kodokwai Bronze
Primary Girls u22 Emily Wright Kodokwai Gold
Freya Booth Newburn silver
Elizabeth black DJ Durham Bronze
Primary Girls u25 Evie Church Thornaby Gold
Rosey Kett Thornaby silver
Taylor Chrisp Juno Michi Bronze
Primary Girls u28 Megan Thompson Kodokwai Gold
Juliet James Terminus silver
Mary Kett Thornaby Bronze
Primary Girls u32 Imogen Roeves South Shields Gold
Emily Hall Westgate silver
Mollie Miller Kodokwai Bronze
Primary Girls u36 Olivia slater DJ Durham Gold
Megan Quinn DJ Durham silver
Mae Arnott DJ Durham Bronze
Primary Girls +36 Lina Alabdullatif DJ Durham Gold
Charlotte Hallway South Shields silver
Amy Leigh Hampton Kodokwai Bronze
Junior Boys u34 Josh Chrisp Juno Michi Gold
Jordan Patterson Terminus silver
Charlie Batey DJ Darlington Bronze
Junior Boys u38 Travis Hutchinson DJ Durham Gold
Luke Battensby Parks silver
Stanley Kennewell Terminus Bronze
Junior Boys u42 Josh Robson Juno Michi Gold
Mathew Lazenby DJ Durham silver
Harvey Abbott Brown DJ Darlington Bronze
Jason Routledge Westgate Bronze
Junior Boys u50 Lewis Hallam Kyu Shin Do Ryu Gold
Dalton Short Kodokwai silver
Toby Bainbridge Terminus Bronze
Junior Boys u55 Josh Stoneman Battlehill Gold
Luke Anderson   Battlehill silver
Jamie sharp DJ Durham Bronze
Junior Boys u60 Adam Palamountain East Hartford & Fordley Gold
Shane Gaskin DJ Darlington silver
Sean Young Battlehill Bronze
Junior Boys u66 Charlie Kett Thornaby Gold
Ben Van Denten Butokokan silver
Acey Bell Butokokan Bronze
Junior Boys +66 Kyle Flannery Battlehill Gold
Leon Wood DJ Darlington silver
Kieron Hardaker Battlehill Bronze
Junior Girls u32 Jenni Francis Battlehill Gold
Leona Einbeck DJ Durham silver
Mollie Gainford East Hartford & Fordley Bronze
Junior Girls u40 Brooke Devine Thornaby Gold
Kenady Raine Kyu Shin Do Ryu silver
Eliza Thompson DJ Durham Bronze
Junior Girls u44 Ellie Hutton Battlehill Gold
Ella Wile Juno Michi silver
Chloe canning DJ Durham Bronze
Junior Girls u48 Kazia Simpson DJ Durham Gold
Lytallia Dack Newburn silver
Gemma Karim DJ Darlington Bronze
Junior Girls u52 Isabelle Morris Juno Michi Gold
Mia Key Butokokan silver
Rebecca Butterfield DJ Darlington Bronze
Junior Girls +57 Charlotte Kendal DJ Durham Gold
Robyn Key Butokokan silver
Meghan Roeves South Shields Bronze

Club Leaderboard

Club Gold Silver Bronze
DJ Durham 7 5 7
Battlehill 5 2 2
Kodokwai 4 1 4
Juno Michi 3 2 1
Thornaby 3 1 1
Newburn 1 3 1
DJ Darlington 1 2 4
South Shields 1 2 1
Kyu Shin Do Ryu 1 1 0
East Hartford & Fordley 1 0 1
Butokokan 0 3 3
Terminus 0 2 4
Parks 0 2 1
Westgate 0 1 1
Bear Park 0 0 0
Seghill 0 0 0


  • 5 Feb
  • 0900 AM
  • 1st Apr
  • 0900 AM
  • 16th July
  • 0900 AM
  • 23rd Sept
  • 0900 AM
  • 29th Oct
  • 0900 AM


Expected Competitors


Medal Winners


Competitors with Maximum Points


Clubs Attended

Contact Form

Mala Young - 07803 745 184

Duncan Stewart - 07718 049 290

John Chrisp - 07817 199 925

Andrew Douglass - 07921 295612

Jason Anderson - 07980 063 813

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